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    Is it possible to display the name of user on form who has logged in to its account to access that form.




    Yes. use a ‘set field’ script that uses the ‘Special’ functions for this (user name, first name,last name or any of the other properties available)




    Can you explain in a bit more detail as to how this is done? I am new to PF and am struggling to find the exact location you mention.




    Its very simple.Just follow these steps.

    1-add a text input object on your form.

    2-click on ‘when page opens’ or ‘when form opens’ options on your right hand side.

    3-select ‘Set Field’ behaviour.

    4-In the properties select the object i.e. the text input ojbect that you created in first step.

    5-then in value selection area,select ‘Special’ and then from the drop down list select ‘User-First Name’.

    6-Preview your form and you;ll see your name in that text input object.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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