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    If your email notifications to a group in MS Exchange are not getting through, look at the check box on the distribution group in Exchange that says “require that all senders are authenticated”. This is checked by default. Un-check that box, and your notifications should go through.



    We are trying to see how to use email distribution list for notification email, so that more than one person can be notified in the workflow, and the form can be processed by anyone who are part of the distribution list.

    So far we can successfully send/receive notification emails to/from all the individuals who are on the distribution list, but the hyperlink to the form embeded on the email is not always opening up the form. We are seeing error message: “Only the person who the notification was sent to can view the form-instance”.

    Any suggestion? Thanks!


    I recommend that you create groups in PerfectForms and send notifications to those groups. Please see our help guide page on the topic: /Documentation/manual/html/?d_usergroups.htm.

    Please note that if the people who you want included in the group do not already have licenses in PerfectForms, they can be assigned Limited User licenses (which are free).

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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