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    Hello PerfectForms Users!
    Today I would like to share with you a good looking way to block items. This functionality can be utilized if the standard disable, or read only isn’t cutting the grade for you.
    Have you ever noticed that an object can be blocked by another object? This can be annoying if it is not intentional; however when it is, it can work wonders.
    First, you will want to start with an image. This image does not need to be large, and will need to have the opacity turned down. This means it is an image that you can see through, yet appears slightly gray, or whatever other color you may pick. There are several site you can download a single pixel .png from that will work, or you can hop into your favorite image editor and do it yourself.
    Once you have the image, add it to your assets, then move the item on to the canvas. I like to keep it small and in the corner until you are done. This allows for testing, without blocking what you will need.
    Set the image to a standard state of hidden. Now, any triggers you would like you can apply a set state behavior. On this behavior, select the image, and set it to a state of normal. Once configured, be sure to reverse your changes. After something has done something, hide the image again.
    Once you have tested and seen the image pop up and hide while you are testing, you are almost set to go. Now stretch the image over anything you would like to block.
    Be sure to check that the image layer is on the top “9999”. You will also want your image to stretch and NOT keep the aspect ratio.
    This functionality should provide you with a whole new way to keep people from doing things they should not. It is always good to have another option.
    Until next week, Happy form building!

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