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    A common question is: “How do I drill down in a report based on a metric from a separate data source?” It is a good question because the reports in PerfectForms can only have one dynamic data source per page. In other words, you can have reporting objects reporting on many data sources on one page, but those objects can only respect the dynamic filtering commands for one data source.

    So how do you drill down by a metric from Form A in a report on Form B? Here is how I would do it:

    I would populate a table on the report with the critical metric(s) from Form A. Drag in a text input field for every descriptor that you might use. For example, if you think that you might want to drill down by as many as 6 separate descriptors, then place 6 text input fields on the report. Each text input field should have a button next to it (I would label the buttons “Sort By Requirement 1”, “Sort By Requirement 2”, etc…). Each of these buttons will have a behavior when clicked. The behavior will be set field (the field next to the button) with the value in the current row of the table row , then a set filter object. The set filter object should filter your Form B data source, and for the value use the text input field next to your button.

    Below that place a data list for Form B. This Data list can have as many columns as you want, but should definitely include a meta-link. You can use any other reporting objects that might suit your needs. I would also make sure to place a clear filter button on the report page.

    The user will be able to highlight a descriptor in the table and click the Sort By Requirement 1 button and the rest of the reporting objects on the page will drill down by that metric. The user could then select another descriptor on the table and click the Sort By Requirement 2 button, etc…

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