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    I have a drop-down column in a table that has items in it, and I also have a Connect behavior that returns rows to the table. The drop-down’s value is being set when I test in Debug (Flash) mode, but in Preview (HTML) mode the value is not set. Is this a bug in the Flash version of PerfectForms, or am I doing something incorrectly?


    HTML forces connections to use proxy. That means that the calls to the Connection Agent will be routed through app.perfectforms.com  rather than coming directly from your browser. Make sure that the server hosting your Connection Agent has a public IP address and make sure that you allow our IP addresses through the firewall protecting your server:

    Please add the following IP address to the firewall as trusted IP.





    Thanks for the reply, Dennis. Can you explain to me why the Connection Agent has to go out to your servers just so we can load data from our local database?


    Flash does not require proxy, but when we developed HTML it required the call to the Connection Agent to come from the application server. If you host PerfectForms On Premise they (application and Connection Agent) can reside on the same machine which removes any issue.



    Thanks, Dennis. We do host on premise, and our application server and Connection Agent are on one machine, and the database is on another. What do I need to do in that case?


    In that case, there should be no concern about using proxy, the communication from the application to the Connection Agent is all on the same machine.



    So back to my original question: Why aren’t the drop-downs in my table being set in Preview but they are set in Debug?


    OK, so now I am confused. I assumed that the drop-down was a static set and you were returning a value in the connection to select a value in the drop-down. You are not trying to dynamically populate the drop-down in the table are you? That is not possible in either Flash or HTML.

    Please create a support inquiry at /help-center/support-inquiry/ and attach your form design. Describe how I can find the behavior in question. I will answer your inquiry and also post my answer here for the forum.



    Sorry for the confusion. The drop-down in my table has values and captions that I entered at runtime. When I ran a Connect to populate the table, it would select the correct value in the drop-down for each row, but only in Debug. Nothing would be selected in Preview.


    However, as I was creating a very simple form to send to show you what I was experiencing, I found my problem. My connection action returns both School Code and School Name. In my Connect behavior, I was trying to set the “all rows” for both the value AND the caption of the drop-down column. If I just set the value item, it works fine in Preview and Debug.\


    Sorry again for all the confusion!

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