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    If it possible, that when a drop down item is selected, such as a name, that a password must be enter for the behavior, set state, to happen. Each name selected would have to have the own personal password for the behavior to happen. I am trying to see if a user filling out the form can select there name and enter there password and the set state behavior will place a image of the signature in a field at the bottom of the form where the signature should go. The image will be place in the spot, but be Hidden. Once they choose there name from the drop down menu and enter in there password, the image linked to that value in the drop down will become visiable using the set state behavior.


    Yes it is possible. Where is the password stored? Keep in mind that the password field in Ad is encrypted, so you would have to use a different datasource. I have created a directory system of sorts in PerfectForms. It forces a user ID and password to access pages in a form. If the user does not have an ID and Pass they can create one. It uses a secondary form to hold all of the user’s data (Directory form) (Name, ID, pass, etc…). All of the data is instance data and all of the connections are form connections (rather than using the Connection Agent to integrate with AD). So you can see that where the ID and password are stored are critical questions.

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    So far i have not created anything or any place for the ID and password. This I would have to create for all the users of the form. How should i go about creating a database which would need to include that passwords, usernames and images of signature.

    Can you provide sets for the following if possible:

    1.Creating the database with the included information.

    2. How to force users filling out the form to enter there user name and password. Once both are correct then a image of there signature will populate in a signature area at the bottom of the form.

    3.How users can create username and password that can be entered into the database.

    Thank you.


    The process I created was for an absence request form. It has three pieces:

    1) Absence Request form

    2) Employee Log In Form

    3) Form connection to Employee Log In Form

    I will send the .Pf files for those three pieces to you by email. You can import them into your account and modify them as is suited to your process.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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