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    I am trying to create a form in which the layout would dynamically change based on user input. If possible I am trying to make the form shift its contents to a new location on the form based user input.

    For example:
    A user is asked a question, if the user chooses yes then the contents below would shift to display more questions relating to the initial question. If the user chooses no, the content would stay in place and display the next question.

    Is it possible to dynamically change the layout of the page depending on user input

    Thanks so much for your help



    To accomplish this, you will want to use the “Set Property” command.


    This will allow you to specify things like object location, color and other properties as triggered by behaviors in the form. Alternatively, you can use the “Set State” command to modify visibility and accessibility.


    An example of use here would be to hide specific fields in your form by default, then use “Set State” to display them when a specified field contains data. You can then use the “Set Property” to bring the visible field into attention by moving it closer to the field that was recently edited.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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