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    I’ve set-up in the message that’s emailed where the information in a form is in the email. We are noticing that the system is placing double spacing and extra lines in the email. When I go back into the notifications, the spacing isn’t visible. Do we know why this might be happening?


    I am guessing that you are using HTML formatting in the notification, and not sending a text email. I would try the text notification, or play with the formatting.

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    Hi Dennis, no I’m using text, not HTML. I’ve noticed in other areas (i.e. layout or behaviors)that when you’re typing or go back to fix something it gets goofy as well. When we did training with Andy, he noticed this as well.


    Are you inserting data from Multiline Text input objects in thew notification?


    Please create a new Support Inquiry /support_contact.php and attach an export of your form design (the .PF file). Please specify which notify object and how I can find it. I will review it for you.

    Migrating a Form and Exporting Form Data: /Documentation/manual/html/?d_exportingformsandformdata.htm

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    That happens on mine too. Same issue, I think how it has been explained to me is that when it sends the message it is sent in html and you are viewing it as text. Try backspacing all the way back between lines of text and then hit return where you want the spacing. Sometimes you may hit return and when you are viewing it, there is not any spacing. But when you view the email it will have the correct spacing. Let me know if this is a good explanation. This should help!


    Tom Benjamin

    Not sure if this forum is still active, but I am wondering if anyone has best practice advice on using HTML versions of email notifications. I have run into a couple of issues where users say the link to the form instance in a notification is not clickable. That suggests I might need HTML versions of the notification messages, but PF support says the link should always be clickable, and that makes sense. What would be the point of it if it wasn’t?! And none of the forms that have been built for this client have HTML versions, and for most people the links work. Could the behaviour be because of some unusual client for viewing the email notification?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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