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    I have upgraded my PF version to 1.16.And there is a new feature of having more then one email servers.i have only one email server and that is the one i have been using and it was working fine.But from last few days i have noticied that emails are not giong from application server.

    In my admin account,under Resources–>Email Servers–>$MSACCOUNT$ is there which is showing all the details of my current email server.Its not set as DEFAULT.But when i test it a messgae comes up”Emial sending Failed.Invalid length for a Base-64 char array”.May i know why.Can you please have a look as my PF users are not getting notifications via email for running forms.




    Log onto your admin console | Settings and edit all the fields for that email server and then save(apply) the changes. This should clear this up where the password for the mail server wasn’t properly encrypted.

    You can then log into the application, go to Resources | Email Servers and you can change the name form $MSACCCOUNTS$ to Default (ie as it would have been before) and also set it to be the default as well.

    Then restart the PerfectFormsService and your outstanding emails should then be sent out as expected




    i was just missing the PerfectFormsService restart part.





    As earlier,i faced the same problem.Emails were not going to users.It just stopped of what reason,i have no idea.

    So i just followed the steps mentioned earlier and it worked.But may i know the reason for this happening again and again and a permenent solution for it.




    We have seen situations recently where a loss of ‘connection’ between SQL and the application causes some unexpected problems. this could be the cause here. Check your server log files and sql log files to see if there is any information given there, but also I’ll send you email with a possible solution as well (it includes an attachment that can’t be done here)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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