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    I am designing and testing my first form. Last week I was receiving notifications, this week no email is being sent. I checked our email server setup with IT, and it is correct. When testing, the result is “an error has occurred. Email sending failed. Null”. I tried setting up my personal email accounts as the email server to see if I could get more information. I followed the set-up requirments for both yahoo and google. I got the exact same error when using the yahoo and the google set up.

    I have searched the forums and support documentation and haven’t found any help.


    The first step I would take to troubleshoot your problem is use the default (PerfectForms) email server. Send a couple of notifications via a form. We know that our email server and notification service are working properly. If you still do not receive your notifications, then you know it is a workflow issue. If you are setting up your own email (SMTP) server in PerfectForms, there are several things that can be stumbling blocks:

    If you are using Google (and probably Yahoo), make sure to check the “Requires Authentication” box and include your username and password (from the email server). Use port 587 and check the “Requires SSL” box. Make sure your User and reply to boxes have valid addresses in them.



    Thanks for the information. Once I added the return address in Google, I was able to get notifications. Once I returned to using the default email server it worked. I didn’t understand that I could use it, so thaks much.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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