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    Hi there,

    How can I export survey form data to a format that is easily read by SPSS. I have tried using the presents of CSV and XML.

    The CSV file that I have looks almost right, but for some reason half the data is entered as its numeric value, while the other half is listed by its caption. In the actual survey, all the questions collect data in the same way, so I don’t understand what is happening.

    Thanks for your help.



    if you are exporting the data from ‘migrate’ in edit forms you are exporting there the WHOLE form data, and questions like drop downs / radio buttons will include the caption and the value and a range of other elements.

    look instead to set up a report where you can control which element of each question you want to export (ie the caption or the value) and where you can also use filters on the report as well where you can export out specific ‘sub sets’ of data as you want.

    also, if you use the Connection agent module, you can have your data submitted directly into a database table as the users submit the form data and you should be able to read that table from SPSS.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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