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    I am exporting a report that i have created but the data in the extract doesnt match the data that is present on screen.

    any suggestions as to why this may be? its a pretty straight forward/simple report


    Are you using the export button in a Data List or Data Grid?



    Its the same result using either List or Grid!?


    I asked the question to determine the method of export. There are several ways to export data other than from a Data List or Data Grid. Are some of the columns hidden?



    There are no hidden columns. i have a filter option, but even if dont use the filter the export still doesnt match the data on screen


    One last question; Is all of the data in the export and simply in a different schema (expected) or is there data missing from the export?

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    There is missing data. what i see on screen, is text that has been entered into a text field. but when exported this text isnt present in the expected column or anywhere in the export!


    I have escalated your issue to our tier 2 support team. Someone will contact you to schedule a GoToMeeting so your SQL DB can be examined.

    Workflow software, Process software, Procedure software

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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