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    I have created two different forms, one for users and one for admin.

    Scenario :

    I have taken File attachment option(on User form), user will attached an excel-sheet(say example) from his local machine and then submits the form. So this file will be uploaded.

    How can i store that path(Link) of that Excel-sheet in the Database.

    Additionally, When I Call The Path(Link) of that Excel-sheet from database in another form (i.e.Admin form) the same Excel-sheet should open.

    This sheets should be editable.

    Additionally, what will be the maximum size of any file that user can upload ?(On demand).

    (Overall scenario : Excel sheet uploaded from user, the path(link) of that sheet saved in database and then opens on different form which will be editable.)



    The Maximum size for an attachment is 10 MB. With an On Premise installation of PerfectForms attachments can be saved to a specific location in the local file system. That feature is not available to our On Demand users.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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