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    Report Question: I would like to use a date grid to add numbers between two dates.

    I have entered a dates in Column 1 and a numbers into Column 2. I want to filter by date so I added a button and made a behavior to filter my data source. I have selected operator of “range” then selected formula. In the formula I have selected the funtion of date difference. I have added two date ranges from my Column 1 and put the unit value to “d” for days. Then when I run the report and press the button I do not see the filtor working. The plan then was to add a value report command off of Column 2 to get the sum Column 2.



    CJ Hines

    If you wants to use a button to set a filter between 2 dates D1 and D2 (for your first column) you can use 2 Set Filter commands on that button: first set filter with operator = Greater or Equal than D1 and second set filter command with operator = Less or Equal than D2. Link the 2 set filter commands and you’re ready to go -> pressing buttons returns only the dates between and including D1 and D2


    CJ Hines

    But using DateDifference here does not make sense to me, or I don’t understand the problem correctly.

    Also, if this solution is not ok, please send some screenshots of: 1. your Set Filter Properties screen, 2. Formula that is set as value.

    You can send to



    ok, I will use the greater than and less then on the filters.

    That should work



    CJ Hines

    So here are two DRF’s that explain that this will not work.

    2283: SetFilter command doesn’t work with range option

    372: Can’t use Range Operator with Set Filter scripting command

    DRF 2283 appears as Fixed in 1.18, but it was fixed by removing the Range option from the operators list, so the user will no longer be able to select Range (in 1.18).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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