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    You can set up as many datasources on a report as you want .. even to report against different forms in one report as well ,

    A datasource allows you to define a ‘filter’ where you can filter in/out whatever data your require – here you could look at a filter like : text field <> ‘ ‘ (ie is not empty)



    Detailing this a little more:

    First Select the Field (from the Field list) you want to test for emptiness/not answered

    Add Line and select <> – not equal to from the Operator list

    Add line and enter a space using the literal box, press enter

    This will produce the correct syntax to filter out records for a field that is empty.



    On reviewing this, the historical use of ‘ ‘ was not logical and was a ‘workaround’.

    <empty> should be used in future.

    Any reports that you may already have published will still work if set up using ‘ ‘ but if you have need to publish a new version you should change your filter condition to use <empty> (ie the default you are shown when adding ‘new line’ to the condition)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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