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    I’ve got a form which users will return to several times during a month-long period, and dug around and found how to use notify actions to generate a link to that instance of the form and email it to the user – is there any other way to get the link to that particular instance, ideally as a hidden field so it can be passed back through Connection Agent to a database.

    The end goal here is to keep users’ forms on reference, in the event they delete or lose the original email.





    Use the Set Field behavior command and in the value section choose ‘Form – URL’ from the list of ‘Special’ values. You can do this to record the form instance link into your hidden field.



    I’ve tried that, and it gives me the master URL – the one that you get from clicking the “Link” button from the Dashboard – instead of the instance-specific URL that you get with a notify mail action and {|here|}. Maybe you need to do something in the form before the value changes to an instance-specific one?



    That’s it! If the form’s just loaded “FORM – URL” contains the generic URL for an unopened form. If the user has done *something* in the form, then “FORM – URL” contains the specific instance URL for that form …

    Is there any way to force the form to generate an instance URL without the user doing something?



    The form instance has to be submitted before the instance URL can be produced. You might need to use the ‘Submit and re-open same instance’ option.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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