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    I have a Text Input Box and im displaying Current User email i.e whoever will access that form his/her name will be displayed in that Textbox.Using ‘Set Field’ and Value-Special-User First Name.Its working fine.But when this form goes to next stage i.e another user access the form.His name is displayed on the same textbox,whereas i want the name of the first user to be displayed all the time no matter how many users access the form.




    Consider the script you have set up to do this. If you have not set any conditions and you have done this on the ‘form is opened’ or similar trigger, then it will run every time.

    Look at adding in a condition before these actions such that it will not run every time the form is opened. (ie set a condition so this only runs when the form is in a specific ‘stage’ ..probably in this case your first stage)

    Have a look at the tutorials where these methods (and others you are likely to require in the future as well) are explained:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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