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    I have a number of forms which have completed the workflow to the closed stage, yet they do not appear to be closed. Is it possible to force them closed.


    If the instances are in your stage called “closed” have you indicated in the workflow that the stage called “closed” is a closed stage? OR are the instances not in the correct stage?



    The instances have reached a stage that is defined as a “closed” stage. I also have my own status flag which monitors the progression of a form and it indicates that the form reached a closed stage.


    Is it possible that the instances were created in a version of the form where the stage was not defined as a closed stage? If so, map the instances to the latest version of the form and submit each one again.



    No the instances were created using the latest version of the form. Not sure what you mean submit each one again. Each of our instances are serial numbered for audit purposes in a financial environment. We can’t just delete a form and re-do it if that is what you mean.


    That is not what I meant. Once you map an old instance to a new version the old instance will not actually be in the new version until it has been opened and submitted.



    I understand that mapping an instance to a new version will not actually be in the new version until it is opened and submitted. My question is, if an old instance has apparently gone through its whole process from the opening stage to a closed stage how can it be opened and submitted.


    Even if an instance is in a closed stage it can still be opened. If there is no path for it to follow in the workflow it will simply remain in the same stage when it is submitted.



    Still don’ know how to open it as we don’t have any current emails with links or dashboard notifications. Perhaps I’m missing something basic – please advise.


    Here is a link to the page in our help guide that shows you how to view form instances: /Documentation/manual/html/?viewing_form_instances_after_s.htm

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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