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    Hi there,

    I’m trying to set up a form that, when a button is pressed, directs you to a another URL so that you can interact there, and then directs you back to the form and populates some fields in the form based on the users interaction with the separate web page. I have a simple example: My form forwards to a page that has two text fields and a “close” button. The user enters values in the text fields then presses the “close” button – the browser then redirects you back to your original form and populates two fields on the form with the values entered in the external website. (This is a simple example but will demonstrate that we can interact with our own web components and pass data back from these back into the form).

    My problem is that when the second URL directs the browser back to the form instance, a message pops up saying “The form instance is currently locked by another user” and I can only open the form in read-only mode. I can’t work out why this is happening.

    On my test form I have two text input fields and a “get” button. When the button is pressed the form is submitted and immediately reopened and a hidden helper set with a text string “HELPER_SET”. This allows me to get hold of the form URL. When the form is reopened, the condition is met that the hidden helper field is populated, so the ShowURL command is called and the browser forwards to our test page. (The technique borrows from the PAYPAL integration demo on the PerfectForms Geeks site.)

    At this point a couple of additional parameters are added to this URL, including the return URL for the form instance so that the browser can redirect back to the form once the user hits the close button on our test page. On our test page the user enters a value in the X input box and another value in the Y input box. These are also appended as parameters to the Return URL as follows and the browser is directed to this URL:

    The return URL is //

    When the form instance is reopened it is locked and I have to open it as read only. Can you suggest what I’m doing wrong?





    Hopefully have read your actions correctly, and it would seem that when you are going from the first form to the second form.. you maynot ‘submitting’/closing that form instance ? if not and it is ‘open’ and then from your other form when the instance is also called it will allow it to be opened only in read only mode.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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