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    I want to make a field on my from,which is filled when form is opened at first stage and is constant.For example,i have a text input field,when form is opened that field should be auto filled with a number in date sequence like,01081209 i.e first form of 8th DEC 2009.i.e 01->Number of form,08->Date,12->Month,09->year.Now when that form is started again the next form should show 02081209.i.e the second form on 8th DEC 2009.And form should be able to detect the change of year and change of month as we have months with 30 days and 31 days.




    Using a behaviour on the ‘when form is opened’ within a condition so it only runs in the first STAGE of your form you can present the current DATE in this format (using the appropriate ‘functions’ in behaviours (search the user guide for ‘functions’ for more information) but there isn’t an ‘autonumber’ that you can use to show what number of form was raised on that date. We only have the form instance number available for this as you have already seen I’m sure

    Even if there was it wouldn’t be that useful for you as doing such things when a form is OPENED will create its own issues.

    For instance if someone opens a form to be say the 1st form of that day, but then doesn’t submit the form, then the next person opening the form will show the 2nd form but you won’t have any form submission for the 1st form or if they opened this second form before the 1st form was submitted, then you would have 2 forms with the name number.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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