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    Is the Time Out value the amount of time of inactivity before a form times-out, or will a form time out after that amount of time regardless of activity?

    I have a form with the default timeout of 30 minutes, and the user is reporting that she will be prompted by the time out warning while actively using the form, which seems odd to me.


    A form will time out if it has been open for the amount of time indicated in the time out field regardless of activity. When that time limit is reached the user will be given a warning with the opportunity to continue filling in the form or close without submitting. The warning stays open for 3 minutes before automatically closing the instance. The time out can be increased to 9,999 minutes (over 6 days). You can also give your users a “save without closing” button.

    A time out is important because it prevents a user from perpetually locking a form instance.



    Is it possible to automatically logout of the system instead of asking the user?


    I will assume that by “system” you mean form. If you want to automatically close a form after a set period of time without warning to the user you can build a behavior to do so. When the form opens start a timer object. When the timer ends, use a submit (or close) behavior object.



    thank you sir… i’d suppose this can also be applied to closing not just the form but the whole app also (like clicking on logout)… Do i have to do this on all forms? can I have it on “as a general rule” like it can be applied to the whole system, when given time elapses without user activity, trigger the event of logout? it would be too tedious to have the behavior added everytime a form is created. Thank you.


    There is no way to automatically log someone out of their dashboard.If someone else logs into PerfectForms using the same credentials, the first user will be logged out of their dashboard session without warning. There is a form property Locking – Time Out that can be easily set, but remember that this feature will give the user a three minute warning. If you want to close the instance without warning, you have to build the behavior.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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