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    We have basic users who we would like to access a “Main Menu” form which launches into additional forms from there. The forms they are accessing are not child forms of the “Main Menu” form. Is it possible to “hide” all the launched forms from the user forms list, while still allowing the forms to be accessed from the “Main Menu” form?


    CJ Hines

    You may hide almost anything from any specific role. Use the ‘hidden’ option in form design. You can create a role of “requester” or something on that line.Then you can hide any page you want from specific role. You can also throw in an action by allowing the requester to view different pages during different stages of the form. You may view more details and instructions here:





    I’m not sure this addresses the issue. I’m trying to hide a form from a user group’s “View Forms” list of options, while still allowing them to access the hidden form when launching it from a form they can see. It’s about what the see in their “view forms” list.



    What do you mean by “launched forms” and “user forms list”? What do you plan on using for this “View forms” list?



    This may help:

    Form One = Buyer Main Menu

    Form Two = Store Change Form

    Form Three = Hierarchy Change Form

    Form one contains two buttons: one that opens (launches) Form Two and another one that launches Form Three.

    We would like to have the user only see Form One in their list of forms that can be viewed (in the forms dashboard “view forms’ list). We would like to prevent them from opening Form Two or Form Three directly.

    Once they open form one and select the button that opens Form Two (or Three) they need to be able to then “see” Form Two(or Three).


    CJ Hines

    Well it actually all depends. You can do exactly what you are looking to do but realize that only full and basic users have access to a dashboard. You can use buttons on your form to ‘show page'(select any page). You can make each page coordinate with your stages selecting which role can view certain pages throughout the whole work flow. There are many different options you can use. The use of form connections will give you the ability to open forms within other forms. Here you can restrict certain roles during certain stages as well. It all depends on how complicated you want to get with it. If you would like I can put you in contact with one of our forms developers who, for a nominal fee, will do this for you.



    I do realize that only Basic and Full users can access the dashboard. My example is for a Basic User. If I use the buttons on Form One (The “Main Menu” form) to show page, I am limited to only pages within Form One. Form Two is not a page within Form One but a new form altogether. I am trying to send the Basic User to Form Two from Form One while preventing them from accessing Form Two directly from the “view forms” dashboard.

    When you say “The use of form connections will give you the ability to open forms within other forms.” are you referring to the “Show Form” behavior within the “Integration Command” section? If so this is what I am doing to navigate from Form One to Form Two. It’s just that by restricting the ability to view a form it is also blocking the user from opening the form from another form.


    CJ Hines

    Actually what I’m talking about is using your connections feature. If you look at the ‘connections’ tab on your dashboard, you will see that you are able to create connections to forms from other forms in order to call data between them.You can also create Parent/Child form relationships to open/close forms as necessary. Afterward you can set restrictions according to roles and stages.

    Form Connection URL: /Documentation/manual/html/d_formsconnections.htm?zoom_highlightsub=form%2Bconnection

    Parent/Child URL: /Documentation/manual/html/parent_child_forms.htm?zoom_highlightsub=parent

    Using roles and stages URL: /Documentation/manual/html/fa_all_stages__all_roles.htm?zoom_highlightsub=roles%2Band%2Bstages


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