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    I am trying to add a very extensive list of data into the List under the Account Resources. The only way I have found is to copy and paste the information, add commas where needed, and hit enter after every item. I now there is an import function but every time I use this feature it will have one enter with the first caption and the value is set as the rest of the data list. The data I have has the caption in column 1 and the value in column 2, the file is a CSV, comma separated. Please help so I do not have to enter in over 200 items by hand!


    I just ran another test and confirmed that it does work as expected. I think your source file is not properly saved as a comma delimited CSV. If you are using Excel do a “save as” and choose CSV (Comma Delimited). Save the file as filename.csv. Excel will then give you two separate warning messages because a CSV doesn’t have full functionality in Excel. Acknowledge them but keep the type as CSV. You should then be able to import the file as a list.

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    I found out the issue was partly due to the fact that I am using a Mac and you have to save the CSV file in the windows version. After discovering that I was able to get the import to work. Thank you for your help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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