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    I have a table with 2 columns: one is date column while the other is text. Once user submmit form, I want to send mails by looping the table, data in each rows will be used in notification one by one. The date field is the specific date the mail should send out, and the text field in table should be populated as mail body.


    date text

    #1 11 Dec 2011 text 1

    #2 13 Dec 2011 text 2

    Once submitted, I want two mails to be sent on 11 Dec 2011 and 13 Dec 2011, the first one are with body as “text 1” while the 2nd one are as “text 2”.

    However I encouter below problems:

    1. when I try to use {Table – TextFieldName – Current row} in body, it does not work and string “{Table – TextFieldName – Current row~}” will show in the mail . Why?

    2. even I set a helper field as {Table – TextFieldName – Current row}, and loop the table to send two mails, I notice that in both mail’s body are “text 2”, how can I got the 1st mail’s body as “text 1”?

    3. how can I send these two mails on 11 Dec 2011 and 13 Dec 2011 ?

    Thanks for your help.



    Dear all ,

    For question 2 , seems it is a problem when using Notification in loop.

    No matter how well the helper variable were populated in the loop, all notifications used latest value of those variables. is it by design?

    If yes, anyone knows how to amend the workflow to support sending different mail bodies in differnt dates, which body and date are in table?

    Thanks so much ~


    As you have discovered, fields in tables cannot be used in notifications. The main reason is that notifications only send when the instance is submitted. At that point it is too late to loop through a table and populate notifications.

    I would either use hidden helper fields or one of the various options on the Time tab in a notification object.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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