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    Hello PerfectForms Users,
    Today I would like to provide you some options on options. Adding a large list of options from within a form design can take a while. In order to speed the process up PerfectForms provides a feature that allows you to set Predefined Lists. Predefined Lists can be any available selections you would like to standardize.
    Predefined Lists will allow you to finish a drop-down in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. To locate your Predefined Lists follow the direction below:
    Log in to PerfectForms
    • Click Settings
    • Click Account Settings
    • Click Resources
    • Click Lists

    To add a new List, click the New drop-down, select List.
    To view a current List Click on any available Lists within the folder.
    Upon clicking on a new or existing List, you will notice the interface looks similar to what you see in a drop-down.

    Now that we have gone over the basics, I’m going to share with you the real time savers; Quick Paste, and Import.
    Quick Paste is an option allows you to simply Copy and Paste a list directly into PerfectForms. In order to use this functionality, simply prep your document, highlight, copy, and paste.
    The format for this functionality must be:

    Import is an option that will allow you to create a Predefined List from a CSV file. The import button is highlighted in the image below:
    Once you have uploaded your CSV, be sure to check your option to ensure the data is proper, and click Apply Changes.

    Now we are ready to see the benefits of setting a Predefined List. In order to apply your new asset please follow the next steps:
    1. Enter your form design
    2. Click the select list or drop-down you wish to populate
    3. Click on the highlighted button in the image below

    4. Select your List
    The object selected will now be populated by your Predefined List.
    By using Predefined Lists, you will shave hours off your form building. Please feel free to post any comments or questions below, and I will be happy to respond.
    Thanks again for your time, and happy form building!

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