How can I set up form to ‘save’ and not go to next WorkFlow stage

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    The normal way to route a form to a person is in the WorkFlow area (the W button in the designer) where you would send the form into the next stage and set the ‘notify’ action as the form data is submitted.

    if you though want to allow a user to ‘save’ so the form does not go to this next stage then one way is to add a ‘save or submit’ radio check box field to the form for the user to select, and then run a conditional script under the for property | Form Submits data event based on the selection. If they select ‘save’ then under the branch, add a ‘notify’ action to send back an email to the user with the link to the form (and the appropriate message you want to tell them)

    then on the Workflow action (where you want to send the form to the next stage) use a corresponding condition such that it only runs when submit is selected

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