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    I have a parent form with two child forms. Can I have multiple instances of one of the child forms on the same parent instance?

    I am getting some wonky results with it – When more than one instance of the child form is created in the same session (The parent is not saved/submitted between instances), the original child instance is opened instead of a new blank instance. I’m also getting form notifications going to the wrong people (Notifications directed to an email address taken from a field, which is set via a Custom Parameter or Connection, depending on a drop-down fiel selection). Since my form design looks like it should work, I conclude that the problem lies in how the parent-child relationship works.

    Any thoughts?


    When the child is created it probably opens and then submits. On the submit behavior object in the child make sure under MISC the checkbox that says Submit as Child Even If Parent is not Submitted has been checked.

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    Yes, I have that checkbox already checked. I should be able to do what I’m aiming for here, correct? There shouldn’t be a conflict between multiple child instances?


    Yes you should be able to create multiple child instances from a single parent instance. Make sure your parent form has been submitted and re-opened before creating the child instances.



    I also have a table listing each of these child instances, so they can be opened and viewed. It appears that the form must be submitted between each child form instance in order to be able to have the child form opened in this way.

    So I made a button that submits/reopens the form, but I have logic that causes the form to open to a specific page based on form stage…. Not working so well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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