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    Configuring the Connection Agent Config.xml

    Note : after any changes are made to the XML Configuration File, Tomcat needs to be restarted so the new configuration is reloaded. The current version of the PerfectForms Lookup Agent requires an XML Configuration File. In a later version, a web interface will be provided to configure this file.

    The Configuration File is an xml file located at the following path


    Here are the individual sections of the config.xml file.

    <access> Section

    The section controls one the key parts of security. It tells the Lookup Agent to only listen to or deny requests from specific IP Addresses. If no entries are found then access to the system is completely denied by default.


    <ip address=”*” access=”deny” />

    <ip address=”” access=”allow” />


    The above access statements instruct the Lookup Agent to deny all requests by default. It will then allow requests from the IP Address

    Access can be allowed or denied for single IP addresses (e.g. “”), for all IP addresses (e.g. “*”) or for an IP class of addresses (e.g. “192.168.*”)

    Access rules precedence is given by the position of the rule starting from top to the bottom. Last rule has maximum priority, while first rule has minimum priority.

    Typically, you will allow access to requests coming from the PerfectForms system. Note that the <login> provides a second layer of security.

    <datasources> Section

    The datasource tells the system

    · which database/LDAP should be exposed

    · on which server the database is located

    · which of the Users defined within <logins> can have access

    <datasource name =”SQLserver” id=”3″ server=”″ port=”1434″ type=”sqlserver”>

    <database name =”GIANTS” id=”11″ db=”Quask” user=”sa”password=”sapass”tables=”*” login=”login1″/>


    Possible values of the datasourse type are: oracle,mysql,sqlserver,sybase,ldap

    The available parameters of the <database> are:

    · name – the database Instance name.

    · id – a unique id. You can choose any ID you like for this but make sure it is unique within the list. This allows you to change the name in the config file which will not disturb the integrity of the system.

    . server – this is the ip address of the database server. If your db server is the local host, use the ip of

    . port – this is the port number of the datasource you are configuring.

    · db – the actual database name on the database server

    · user – the database user name (not exposed to PerfectForms)

    · password – the database password (not exposed to PerfectForms)

    . tables – this allows you to choose which db table you want to connect to. Choose * to configure this table within the Perfectforms Connection configuration.

    · login – this specifies which users (as defined within the <logins> section, have access to this datasource. You can see how the 3rd database definition allows three different <logins> to access it. If no login is supplied, then no-one will be able to access the database.

    Should you run into any problems, please refer to the log file, located in the:

    tomcat_install_dirwebappsPerfectFormsAgentWEB-INFlogs directory. The log files will be titled according to the date.

    For help in configuring the connection within Perfectforms, please see the Perfectforms Manual, section 12.4.1.

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