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    In order to have user’s names and email addressed autopopulate into a form the following steps must take place:

    1. Open the form so that edits can be made

    2. In the layout area, click on the form background area. The form properties will become visible in the Property Bar.

    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Property Bar. There will be 3 behaviors visible now. Click on the “Form is open” behavior.

    4. The layout are will now change to allow behavior scripting.

    5. In order to make sure that the information being collected only happens on a specific stage, start the script with a ‘branch’ object. This is needed to make a check against the stage.

    6. After adding the branch object, drag a ‘set field’ object onto the layout area. Search for the field that will be populated, and for the value, choose ‘special’ and scroll for option needed. Connect the ‘branch’ to the ‘set field’ and add the condition so that it checks for 1 specific stage.

    7. If there are more fields that need to be auto populated, repeat the steps above, only instead of connecting to the ‘branch’ object, the additional ‘set field’ object should be connected to the ‘set field’ object in Step 6.

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