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    I’m reporting checkboxes result in a data list, and the results are either TRUE (checkbox is checked) or FALSE( checkbox is unchecked). Is there a way to convert the TRUE FALSE “computer language” into other words such as “Yes” and “No”?




    Try this:

    Add a new Text Input Object onto the form and use that to hold the values that you want to report on.

    Use a behaviour like: If Checkbox is checked then value of TI Object = Yes, If Checkbox is un-checked then value of TI Object = No.

    Then you can report on the value of the text input object in reporting rather than teh value of the Checkbox.

    By the way, the option to modify the value of a checkbox is something that we have already identified as a useful enhancement so it should be included in a future release.



    Hi Ajobling,

    Thanks for your input. The problem with your workaround is when user double click on the checkbox.

    1 st click on the checkbox (Text Input Object = Yes),

    2ns click on the checkbox, (which unchecks the checkbox), then Text Input Object is still = Yes.

    In this scenario, I would be reporting incorrect information.

    I think it id much easier to do a Find & Replace in Excel.



    If the behavior is set-up correctly this will work.

    If you can forward this question to we can respond directly to you with an example form.

    It is not possible to attach files to forum entries.



    I had this same problem and the way that I got around this for my reports is to use a radio button and in the object properties, change both caption and value to Yes or No or whatever your response is and this then appears in your data results instead of True or False.



    In version 1.15 and beyond it is possible to show alternative results for the checkbox True and False by using the Boolean format option in Data List or Grid column.

    Details can be found here:


    Version 1.15 was released on 2nd November 2009

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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