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    I have a DB connection who retrives data from Database,if no record is found a message is showing up.i.e “An Error occured.No records were found.”Can i stop this message or change it in to my own message like “Record you are looking for is not found”.How can this be done.


    Check the page in our help guide on Connection Error Handling: /Documentation/manual/html/?connection_error_handling.htm




    I have seen the example shown in above mentioned page.But my case is different.I have a connect behaviour that connects to Employee Table,lets us say.Then i have another connection which connects to Item Table.When i enter employee number in a text input it gives me a perfect result but when i enter a item number,it also gives me perfect result but before that i shows a message “No records were found” as first it checks for that item number in employee table and on not getting any it gives that message and then goes to next connection and on finding that item number shows the result.

    So my problem is how can i stop the message “No records were found”.



    Is there a way to determine if the field contains an item number vs an employee number and then using a simple branch behavior object route to the appropriate connect object? There must be a way to differentiate between the two types of numbers.



    Well there is a way to do this but user has changed its requirement.So both tables will be connected on different form pages.thnx.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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