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    I was having problem updating a table. My current table has two rows, one row was edited then I added another row. How do I update the table into the database (updating the edited row and inserting the newly added row)?


    The Connection Agent is required to integrate with an outside database table. Please refer to the documentation regarding the Connection Agent: /Documentation/manual/html/?lookup_agent.htm



    I totally understand the use of a connection agent, in fact I have already created several actions in a connect definition (SELECT,UPDATE, INSERT). The problem is that when i retrieve data from database into a table, which action should i use? As mentioned in my previous post, I have retrieve 2 rows and placed them in a table (in a form) then I edited a column in the first row, then I added a new row (i now have 3 rows, and a row with an edited column)… If I use update, the newly added row does not get saved.


    Are you using the column – All rows in your send parameter?



    yes sir… am using “All rows” in the send parameter…

    have you tried the example given?



    should i be using insert? Do I have to do a loop on all the rows to check if the row is newly added (for insert) or if the row is existing already (for update) when saving? what about rows which are deleted?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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