I’m getting an ‘Can’t save the table’ error in the connection agent log file.

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    If you are getting an error that looks like this in the Connection Agent log file:

    2009-02-04 11:38:51 – v1.09.03 – IP: – /ExecuteCsvInsert – login1

    ERROR: CSVException:[StelsCSV Driver] Error executing sql: [StelsCSV Driver] Can’t save the table ‘db’ on the disk. Error was: \2C09-031CSVFILESdb.csv (Access is denied)




    SYMPTOM: The error indicated that the directory that you are trying to write your text file to does not have the proper permissions.


    Here are some steps you can take to correct this.

    1. Make sure the directory path you specified in your config.xml file is correct.

    2. Make sure that the directory you specified has the proper permissions by checking the security properites of the directory.

    3. If you are writing to a remote server or network directory, make sure the directory is shared and that under the ‘share permissions’ you have ‘change’ and ‘Read’ allowed for Everyone.

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