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    From where i can get ‘Image Acquisition Module’.



    Adding Image Acquisition Capabilities

    The Image Import object allows users to:

    • Attach an image file available locally

    • Access attached image acquisition devices and capture an image for upload with the form

    Note: This object is only supported in Internet Explorer.

    When the Image Import object is available on a form, the form user will click the Acquire button to start the capture process. The form user will then be prompted to install the Image Acquisition Module if they have no previously used this capability.

    The Device drop-down allows the form user to select the file system (if attaching a previously captured image file) or an image acquisition device (if capturing an image). The following options and devices are supported:

    • File System

    • TWAIN Scanners

    • Graphic Tablets

    • Webcams

    Note: While many graphics tablets are supported in various releases (e.g. Topaz Signature Pad SigLite LCD 1X5 HID-USB Model # T-L460-HSB is supported in version 1.13 and above), you should confirm with PerfectForms™ support to verify compatibility.

    After selecting the device, the form user will click the Start button. The Image Viewer will scan the image and then display it within the preview area.

    If the image is acceptable, click the Accept button (check mark in the bottom right corner). The image is attached to the form and displayed.

    See the Image Import Properties reference table for a complete list of Image Import properties and their uses.

    Updated: 10/24/2010 Page url: /Documentation/manual/html/?fl_adding_image_import_capabiliti.htm



    What steps can you take if you are not prompted to download the application?



    Ok I found the problem. It must be run in IE.

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