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    1. I wanted to know how to add excel files to drop down menus? I also wanted to know if we could add other data bases not supported by microsoft? Can I link to websites outside of perfect forms and copy paist items to text boxes?

    2. On you example workflow form on your site, the end form gives a submit button that appears to take all information from the previous 5 pages and compiles it into one report. Where can you see the end report and design the final look of the end report?



    1: To use Excel files and populate into drop down fields you will need to set up a Text File Connection using the Connection agent. If you do not have this module, contact for more detail.

    You may also find this section in the user guide useful to read where it explains how it works and also what databases you can work with:




    2: Sorry, don’t understand what you are asking here ? There are also a number of ‘example’ forms so not sure which one you refer to, but you can download these sample forms and see how this is done. If you can’t see what these specific actions refer to, please do get back to us (perhaps using the support ticket) with more details of the exact form

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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