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    Let me start from the beginning,

    1-I installed Windows Server 2009 Standard on a clean server by a user having full permissions and on a domain.

    2- I installed SQL server 2008 Standard.

    3- I installed PerfectForms 30 day trial version,SMTP port 25,and it was Successfully installed.As i logged in by admin account and password.

    4- I installed Apache Tomcat 6.0 Webserver,at port 8080,and at the end i got a web page opened in web browser saying that you have installed Apache Server.

    5-When i configure Apache Server,it says tomcat6 service not found.

    6-After starting it many times on Apache;s configuration Window,Service Status is still Stopped.

    7- Then i went through “Installing the Connection Agent” topic on PerfectForms manual.

    8- I copied .war file to tomcat_install_dir/webapps.

    9- I CANNOT copy JAR files into tomcat_install_dir/lib.As i couldnt find them.

    10- I copied crossdomain.xml file to tomcat_install_dir/webapps/root.

    11- Apache server was restarted.

    12- i can;t go to tomcat_url:port/PerfectFormsAgent.

    Now can you please tellme where i went wrong as from last 2 days i have been working on it but couldnt complete it.




    The problem isn’t going to relate to the Perfectforms Agent side, but something on the webserver side that is not allowing you to start the Tomcat Service. There is no point going beyond your Step6 above while the service is not starting

    Have you checked the tomcat website for their help/faq’a and/or even tried to google searching for ‘Windows 2008 Server Tomcat’ as I can see that there would seem to be quite a number of comments there from other users also with issues starting Tomcat on Windows 2008 server




    yes i have seen the comments at google but most of them are complaining about “how to stop Service”.But in my case its different.I want to start it.

    Or possibly if you can come across any other idea for solving this problem.

    Your help is highly appreciated.




    Just found this that could be what you need:

    Tomcat Fails to Launch on Windows Server

    The current Tomcat installer has a bug where it forgot to install one Windows dll. The solution is to copy a C:WINDOWSSystem32msvcr71.dll from any Windows system you find it (like XP Pro or Vista or any Windows computer with a Microsoft Visual Studio installed) and copy it to the same directory on your Windows Server machine. Then Tomcat will launch fine.

    see if that sorts this out for you ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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