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    I am attempting to generate a simple order number on one of my forms that is created by appending BR to the forms instance number. However, the form is a simple default to closed stage type setup (only 2 stages) so I am having difficulty capturing the form instance number and including it in the notifications sent out in the workflow connector arrow. I have seen the topic on capturing the instance number in a two stage setup, but it is from two years ago and unhelpful to me now.


    An instance number cannot exist until the instance has been created. An instance is not created until the form is submitted the first time. I would suggest creating a new first stage and make the first submit a “submit and re-open same”. Then when the form opens use a Simple Branch behavior to determine if the instance is in the second stage. If True then set you order number field and submit. If False go to and Exit behavior.

    There are many ways to handle this problem, but that is what I would do. It is probably the most simple solution.

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    Right, this is what is similar to what is outlined in this thread:


    I followed these instructions but my form will get stuck in the default stage when it is submitted. Would you be able to walk me through how to accomplish what you have suggested?

    EDIT: I didnt realize by new first stage you meant a third stage, when I used that it worked fine. I appreciate the help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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