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    I’ve been asked to work on a form that allows the user to reserve dates and times. Ideally, I’d like to be able to present the user with a calendar that shows all the reserved times so they can choose from what’s available. Has anyone tried integrating with or connecting to Google Calendar or something similar? Or even doing it all in PerfectForms? I could keep track of the dates and times in a database but I’m wondering if there’s a calendar app that could do it for me, and just hook PF into it.



    We have recently completed an integration to Google Spreadsheets, but have no plans to build an integration with Google calendar. You could use a separate database or another form to hold reservation “slots”. There are probably a number of ways yo accomplish it, here is one idea:

    Create a “Time Slot” form. Create a connection to the form. In your main form when a user requests a time slot send the day and time in the connection. If nothing is returned, you know the slot is available. When the user confirms the time slot request use a Show Form to create a new instance of the Time Slot form. Send Day, time, and any other relevant information as custom parameters. When the Time Slot form opens use Set Field objects to get the custom parameters and then submit. You could even use Set Field in other instance to clear the time slot if the user changes their mind or someone else does it for them.



    Thanks for the info, Dennis.


    What’s the purpose of having the “Time Slot” form open a new instance? Why not just do it all in the one instance?


    It would be much harder to search for a specific combination of date and time within a single instance. They would have to all be in a table. If each instance only has those parameters/fields once they will be fast and easy to search.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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