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    So below is a link of a sample internal link that would directly open an Excel file. I would like to find out if theres something special in PForms, since its an external system, to know for thse special links that its internal resrouce…ie it doenst try to go out ot the internet to open this file….

    \368-asinasasipublicASI Forms/expense report.xls

    The reason I am asking is becuase there is a issue with the 2mb limit to file attachment. If my above question does not work, is there another way around this issue? I need some way for the approver a form to view a attachment report that is larger then 2mb.

    I am a on demand user and i read that i am not able to increase the size of the file attachment.


    There are two suggestions; 1) You may have your attachment limit increased to 10Mb by sending an inquiry to support. This may or may not be helpful. or, 2) You can use a ‘Show URL’ behavior associated with a button for example that pulls the URL from a field or if the URL is static, can be hard coded into the behavoir.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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