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    My form calls connects to a WS and calls a method. That works fine. On the next page, the same WS is called again, but with a different method. The second one does not wok.

    Both work independently in Test mode and in the form. Is the fact that a WS connection has already been established on Page 1 intefere with the second (different call) on Page 2?

    I tried a both new Connection and doing a Run Behavior – no success. Any ideas? Thanks.




    can’t think of any reason why the first Webservice should interfere with a subsequent one unless something in the first call isn’t ‘closing’ correctly.

    if you were to skip the first action (if it is called under a manual action.. press a button for instance), do you then see that the second action will work, but then going back to the first action then also fails?

    if you see the same sort of problem, I wonder if adding in some ‘debug’ code to the webservice to trap out all the actions/events that it is doing may help you see what is going on ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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