Limit to how many data columns can go into a data grid in a report?

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    I am trying to create a datagrid in a report.

    There are 102 fields I am trying to pull into the datagrid, and up to 50 rows. All the fields come from the same form.

    I can make it work for up to 43 columns. When I add 10 more columns, all the data in that grid stops pulling in.

    I’ve double-checked everything. I’ve tried putting columns 44-83 into another grid on the same report page, but that doesn’t work. The first grid will fill with data, but the second will not.

    I can repeat the first grid (columns 1-43) in a duplicate grid on the same page, and that will work (though it does me no good, I’m just testing what happens).

    I’ve tried putting columns 44-83 into a second datagrid on a second page in the same report, but that doesn’t work either.

    I can get those fields to come through in a separate report, so it seems like there is a limit to how many columns will go into each report. Is that it?



    Not aware of any limits to how many columns you can have in a data grid, but will make some enquiries to check, but the practicalities of having so many in one object would be something to think about I would have thought.

    That you can get these fields to populate in a seperate report would suggest something you are doing slightly differently on the main report. What you see on that seperate report should be the same as you see on the main report where you have the object set up identically

    open your ‘seperate’ report and then go to ‘debug’ .. as the report previews you will see the actions of the datagrid populating. See what that shows you, then do the same on your ‘main’ report to see if there are significant differences there. (you may want to look at ‘save as new report’ on your main report first and then delete all the other objects so you have the 2 reports now identical to help see what the differences are).

    If nothing is standing out , please then export your form AND your report add them to a zip file and send over to us via the support ticket (copy this text into the details) and we can see if we can see anything to cause this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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