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    I am trying to provide a number of “help files” or “pages” to help users fill in certain fields on a form. It looks like the “link” feature in the Advanced Visuals toolbox would be ideal as I can then provide a short caption (alongside the field) to show that help is available for that field. Can I provide a URL link to specific help files stored in pdf format?. If I can, what is the format of the URL link and where do the files need to reside. Users of the form do have access to another server in addition to the server that PerfectForms resides on. Have successfully tried linking to another form, but that doesn’t appear to be the best way to provide help text. I appreciate that there may also be a better method of acheiving this.



    Have you looked at ‘tooltip’ functions where if your ‘instructions’ are brief that could help as users ‘hover over’ the field

    but also, there is the ‘show message’ you could use or add in pages to your form (not to another form) where you can show all this to the users and then a ‘return’ button that takes them back to the form page they were one.

    as to URL. the format of the URL will be determined where you wish to store your pdf files on this other server. Your IT people should be able to help you with this and also they will be able to advise of the ‘permissions’ you will need to apply to the files so your users can access them

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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