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    I’m trying to create lists with commas in them with “city, states”.

    Using the quick input a comma is the delimiter for value.

    Importing a .csv file imports the names with quotes around them, which I have to manually remove.

    How can I do quick input or CSV such that imports will have the commas excluded as delimiters and quotes won’t appear around each item?

    Also, is it possible to export a list?



    If you are importing a CSV file with columns for city and state make sure that it is structured with one city and state per row.

    It is not possible to export lists.

    Workflow software, Process software, Procedure software



    City and state are in the same column:

    ex. Column1 on xls

    Philadelphia, PA

    New York, NY

    Denver, CO

    Los Angeles, CA


    When I create a .csv file and import this, perfectforms places quotes around the imported data, to which I have to manually remove.



    I justed tested this myself, and it’s Excel that puts in the double quotes. I entered Vincent’s list of city/states into one column in Excel 2003. I then saved the file as a CSV and immediately opened that CSV file in Notepad. The double quotes were present when I opened it in Notepad.

    I would suggest opening your CSV file in Notepad after saving it in Excel and doing a Find/Replace to remove the double quotes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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