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    please explain more detail? where is it on our website that you can’t ‘login’ to ?

    may be more appropriate to send screen shots to us at support@perfectforms.com of what you are seeing as it may show what you mean




    i have sent screen shots.Can you have a look on them please.

    Other thing is,when i go for the option of send me new password and after giving my email it just gets hang.




    just responded to your email you sent with the screen shots..

    clear your browser cache and try again and you should be OK..

    see the earlier forum post:


    the ‘send me new password’ will be due to the same problem, so try that again after you can login and can get to see our support ticket form on the support page and then it should be OK



    I did clear the cache and even restarted my machine,but still facing the same problem.Im using I.E 7.

    I have tried on 2 other machines as well but nothing happened.



    go to this page where you see the problem


    and then CTRL+F5 .. this will force the ‘player’ to reload and should then get you where you need to be.

    if it doesn’t then close ALL browser windows and try it again.

    re these ‘other’ machines, are they also using IE7, and have they been used previously to access the application ? if they have, then the same ‘caching’ issue may be occurring for them as well




    Its working now.so ctrl+F5 worked.

    i;ll check on other machines and if there is any problem i;ll come back to you.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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