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    Is there a way to manually add data to a form to move it to the next stage in the event that a user lostdeletedjunked their notification emails? I have reminders set up but if they lose all of their reminders, what options are available? Also, these users do not have accounts. They are set up as “Limited Users”.





    I think I know what you are asking. If you go to your form, and then click ‘Open Instances’ you should be able to see all instances submitted. You can click one and press ‘view’ to open it and you should be in the current role and stage. Is that what you were wanting?


    I can do that, but when I click view I see the form but I am not the right type of user to edit the stage. That is to say, it’s on the “president” stage, and the president received notifications via email as a “limited user” (he doesn’t have a PF account to login to) that contains a link that allows him to alter his part of the form. When I click the form from the dashboard I am not able to edit the President’s portion of the form (probably because while I’m looking at the form I have a different role-I am not the president).

    The question remains, if he (the president) loses those emails, how do we move the form workflow forward? How can we put a vote in for him?



    In that case I’m not sure what the best answer would be. For the future, maybe there is a way to add a hidden page on the form that would allow you to resend emails that only you could access?


    I would also suggest adding backup notifications to send after a day (or few days).

    As Phillip said, you could also create “backdoor” access for yourself. When you access the instance through your dashboard if the user=you, make all fields normal.

    These suggestions will help for the future. For this case either re-create the instance, or build backdoor access for yourself, publish the form, map the instance to the new version, and then open it from your dashboard.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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