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    Hi, All. I’m pretty new to PerfectForms and am currently trying to draw out the process and workflow of a new Administrative System Access Request. Most of it is pretty straight forward, but I’m looking for some suggestions on the middle portion. Here’s a high-level description:

    1) Supervisor submits initial request for access.

    2) Request is passed to appropriate security officer based on selections made in request.

    3) Once approved, request is passed to employee to take required quizzes. (This is the part I’m looking for feedback on.)

    4) Once quizzes are complete, request passed to Administrative System Security Officer to grant requested system access.

    On point 3 — essentially the employee has to complete at least 3 quizzes, possibly 4. My goal is to have all the quizzes in the same form using stages to handle the flow. Right now when I think of PerfectForms workflow I see the stages as moving linearly. But what I want is for the employee to be able to take whichever quiz they want in any order they want. (I’ve not yet decided if they can save the quiz and go back to it, most are less then 15 questions, one is pretty long with 57 questions.) Once they finish one quiz, they then can pick another quiz to jump to. Once all quizzes are complete the next step would trigger. I may be over-thinking this, but any suggestions on a good approach to this?



    If I understand your post, it doesn’t sound to me like the three or four quizzes need to be separated in the workflow. Say the workflow looks like this


    In Stage 3, you could put the quizzes in the same form with each quiz on different pages. Of course, the quizzes could span multiple pages, depending on size, so you could have some kind of navigation scheme so they could move between the quizzes.

    When a quiz is completed, give the user some kind of indication (maybe as part of the navigation scheme), and you can choose to hide or disable each quiz when it’s complete if necessary. Once all the quizzes are complete, then you can move to the next stage.

    Hope that makes sense.


    You also can consider using parent-child relationships. You could make the three quizzes all child forms that get parameters from the parent and report back to the parent at a certain workflow stage. This will give you the advantage of giving the parent and children their own individual workflows, but retaining the ability to be conditional on one another. We have a parent child interactive example in our help guide: /Documentation/manual/html/?fl_parent_and_child_forms_example.htm.

    We also have training videos on parent child relationships: /training_videos.php

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    Thanks for the quick response. Both options seem good to me. I like the simplicity of pmeidlinger’s suggestion. But I’ll read up on the parent-child scenario as this might be a good opportunity to try out that functionality.

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