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    Nakia Brewer


    I am a new user to PF and so far love the system!

    I am currently building a dashboard style report for one of my Clients for them to access form instances in different stages. I have this setup using a table object using the Meta-Link property but I see now mention of what Role the form instance will then subsequently open as. Is there a way to control this, i.e. set the Role before opening the form instance.





    Hi Kia,

    Great question. The answer is if the user who is accessing the report occupies a role that was sent a notification from that particular form instance, the instance will identify the user as occupying that role. If the user occupies more than one role a pop up will ask as which role they want to view the instance. If they occupy no roles, no role will be specified.


    Sure, send the user notifications, but just dashboard notifications, not emails. And make the priority on the notifications – none – so they can be easily ignored.


    A Full or a Basic user license is required to view reports in the dashboard. There are costs associated with these types of licenses.  You should speak to your sales representative for details.


    You can work with the states of objects in the form to address the issue of roles, but you cannot get around needing a license to view a report.


    Nakia Brewer

    Thanks for the speedy reply!

    I didnt want to bombard the person who will be viewing this dashboard with notifications for every form instance but rather let them access them from this dashboard. Noting what you posted above if they open the form instance with no role will the object access rules for role “All” be in effect?

    Can you offer any other solutions to what I am trying to achieve?


    Nakia Brewer

    But what if I dont want the user to have to access the dashboard report from Notifications?

    I just want to provide him the link to this Dashboard just once and he accesses all form instances from there. I want them to all open as 1 specific role from the dashboard report… does this change anything?


    Nakia Brewer

    probably should have mentioned, this person does not have a User Account…


    Nakia Brewer

    Is there an additonal fee if I create them as a user?

    The most basic rights and permissions etc…


    Nakia Brewer

    Can you see another way to achieve what I need without needing a User Licence?

    Maybe I can be a little smarter with how I structure the states of the objects in the form instance?


    Nakia Brewer

    That is dissapointing but thanks for your help…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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