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    Has anyone tried to, or does Perfect Forms have planned any Wordmerge capabilities?



    There isn’t a specific function available at the moment, but is something we would be looking to implement later in the year. (probably 6-9 months off).

    However it could be done using a Behavior calling a Web Service and having a custom web service talk to word.

    You can also use a report and have a datalist export one or more records to CSV or XML formats and then manual steps required to merge into word.



    Thanks for your help. Is this something which you feel other users are currently looking for?



    As a user, I am interested in perfectly printable documents generated from data within PerfectForms.

    I am new to PerfectForms, so maybe it is possible to print directly from a form or report and look real nice.

    If not, then I also am very interested in Wordmerge or PDF creation capabilities.



    We haven’t as yet heard of any other users requesting this, but of course they may already have their own webservice that handles this. However we will of course monitor any similar requests and if possible look to re prioritise the intended work currently planned for later in the year accordingly.

    The print functions will compile the form/report into a PDF document and enable you to print using the adobe print spooler. Currently you can do this from the Edit form/report dashboard page for both, and for a form, there is also a form command behavior for printing to enable users to print their form instances as well.

    There is also work currently in progress to enhance the printing functions for reports as well and we hope to have this in the next release (v1.11) due early next month



    I have recently implemented template based “export to microsoft word/pdf” functionality. So I can help with this feature.

    It’s up to the forum admin if I can leave my contact info here…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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