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    I cannot migrate data out of a perfectforms form.

    Even if i go into the instance and try to migrate the data there all it does it create an empty csv file with the instance name.

    This is really annoying.


    To export a form or form data, go to the Forms dashboard. Then select the form in the tree and click the Migrate button.

    The following export options are available from the Migrate dialog:

    • Export the form design. Choose the version to export to a .PF file on your local system. The form file can then be imported by another PerfectForms™ account or into another form. Use this option to provide the form design to another user. If you are working collaboratively on a form’s design, however, you can choose to share the form with another user (see the Allowing Others to Edit Your Form topic.)

    • Export form instance data as XML.

    • Export form instance data as CSV data. Choose the separator type in the .CSV file. Optionally include the header, attachments or export to a .ZIP file.



    Yes but if there is too much data for excel to handle then it will not export. Also, if you try to download each instance individually it only creates a blank file.

    Is this a known issue?


    PerfectForms allows you to integrate with other data sources in several ways including with our Connection Agent for databases and directories, and our APIs for web services. The data export to XML or CSV supports an export of all form data to an external file in the PerfectForms schema. It does not allow for exporting of individual instance data. It sounds like your needs will be better suited with a data integration different than an XML export. I can contact you to discuss the details if you would like.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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