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    I have been trying to increase the movie size from 4mb to 8mb, however, I can’t get it to work correctly. I followed your steps on a pass forum topic:

    1.Open the Web.config file located in <Perfectforms Folder>/services/Web.config with a text editor

    2.Add the following key under the <system.web> tag:

    <httpRuntime executionTimeout=”YourNewTimeInSeconds” maxRequestLength=”YourNewFileSizeLimitInKBs” />

    3.Save Web.config

    4.Restart the Perfectforms application via IIS management console.

    Am I missing a step?



    Your steps seem fine, but what is it that you are seeing that doesn’t seem correct?

    check to see if you can properly open the web.config file in your browser ? if there is a formatting problem from what you have changed it will cause a problem

    also though, do bear in mind that if you add in large movies then this will have a direct impact on the performance of the form for your users as the file will need to be ‘downloaded’ before the form will initiate.

    It can be better to upload such large movies to your website and then present a ‘click here’ link on your form so your users can open the movie independently of the form (and of course you can give them a message to say ‘may take a while to download, please be patient’ type of message as well)



    1. The problem I am having are there are two <system.web>’s in the services folders. Do you know where to place the <httpRuntime executionTimeout=”600″ maxRequestLength=”100kb” />?

    2. Also I do not know how to restart perfectforms from the IS management admin console. I was in there the other day and did not see anything to restart.



    Will reseting Perfect Forms cause me to lose and connection agents or pay pal integration?



    ? you should only have ONE web.config file in the Perfectformsservices folder.

    Are you perhaps confusing the <system.web> tag that is the START with the </system.web> tag that is the END

    if so, look at the line that is the TOP one and enter the details on the next line.

    PS .. don’t set a maxRequestLength of only 100Kb ! that is considerably less than the IIS default of 4Mb (4000Kb) which you can use already without having to make any change

    as to how to restart your website in IIS management console – just like you would restart any website. Perhaps talk with your SysAdmin people if you are unsure This will of course involve an interruption of service but when the website has restarted all your connections used in forms will be as they were before



    Thanks for your Help!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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